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Google Maps Latitude and Longitude (GPoint) (new window)
Google Maps Latitude and Longitude (Flickr) (new window)
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BlondStar - Parody of the OnStar radio commercials
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AtMatt's Favorite Videos from YouTube etc.

Flash Video of Weird Al's "Angry White Boy" Polka
Moto ROKR (iTunes Cell Phone) TV Commercial Sep-05
Moto "Striptease" Commercial Jul-05
Moto "Tight" Commercial Jul-05

eBaum's World - Media For The Masses - funny videos etc. (external)
Holy Lemon - Funny Videos, Funny Movies, Flash Videos (external)
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A Cool Vision Illusion!
Toaster Match Concentration (external)
Sudoku Puzzle of the Day
The Oracle of Bacon-Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (external)
Throw Paper (external)
20Q (external)
Road Blocks (external)
Connect 4
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