My South Beach Diet Results

On November 10th 2003 I decided to start the South Beach diet.  I followed the book pretty much to the letter except that I don't like fish as often as it is on the menu in the book.  I also began lifting weights 3 days a week at my lunch break at work and taking a Spinning class twice a week in the evenings.  Additionally, I periodically would run on the treadmill.

Basically in 3 months I lost 46 pounds!

I also had health screenings prior to my new diet and afterwards (see bottom of page).

I would describe the South Beach Diet as a diet that is a low carb diet that is also a traditionally well balance diet (especially once you begin phase).  I liked the South Beach diet because it made me aware of how many extra calories I was consuming.  I thought I was fine as long as the grains I ate were whole grain.  I didn't realize many extra calories I was consuming when I was eating so many whole grain products.  Also, the diet still has you watch your fat intake.  I believe the is a major misconceptions many people have about low carb diets is that is you can eat as much fat as you want.  Also, on this diet you eat a lot of vegetables, which of course is very healthy.. 

Please note that I am not a physician and that these are simply my personal results and opinions.

Weight Loss Chart


Health Screening Results

  After Before


Test Name 06/09/2004 08/20/2003 Reference Ranges
Triglycerides 54 147 0.00 - 150.00
Cholesterol 107 165 0.00 - 200.00
Chol/HDL Ratio 2.3 3.9 0.00 - 5.00
HDL-Cholesterol 47 42 40.00 - 59.00
LDL (Calculated) 49 94 0.00 - 100


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